Why a Smaller Parakeet Cage Could be Better for Your Bird

parakeet cage

When owners ask for advice about what type of cage they should get, they often get advice like "the biggest one you can get!" This is generally good advice for keeping happy parakeets. In the wild, parakeets have the entire sky to fly in and therefore would love to live in the biggest cage you can afford.

However, when getting a new bird, it will most likely be very scared to start with. A scared parakeet will not explore the whole cage and may have trouble getting around a big cage especially if it is clipped and cannot fly in the cage.

These new budgies will have problems finding food and water the first few days, especially if your cage design has the food and water bowls near the bottom of the cage.

Birds are sometimes reluctant to sit near the bottom as they feel very vulnerable when feeding. So most of the time they would rather go hungry than take the chance of climbing down.

Another advantage for having a smaller cage is that shorter cages can be placed next to your favorite chair. It requires no extra effort on your part to sit down in your favorite chair every day, and so you will be spending lots of quality time with your budgie without any extra work!

Be sure to buy a cage that can be lifted off and separated from its rolling stand. You will need to detach the cage for more advanced taming techniques.

Using this shorter cage approach, your budgerigars will be sitting with their eyes at your eye level. This helps you connect with your parakeet as equals!

Later, when your new parakeet has settled in and gotten used to your hands being inside their space, you can use the "closet method" to bring them out of their cage in a safe space. In this method, you will take the whole cage into a closet or bird-safe space let them out.

This is why it is important to buy a cage small enough, so you can take it into the small taming space. Another reason is that sometimes your arm can't reach all the way into the cage for taming sessions, making you unable to tame your bird!

Depending on the wildness of your parakeet, taming may require you to sit for long periods of time with your hand next to your parakeet until they grow acclimated to you.

Using a big cage will strain your muscles as you hold your arm uncomfortably, and you will be more likely to quit trying to tame your parakeet.

Once the owner has decided to give up on the budgie, both will go away unhappy. There is nothing sadder than a bird that has been ignored in its cage because the owner did not take the effort to tame and play with the bird. Especially since it is so easy to tame a parakeet compared to other bird species.


To get the details on the exact dimensions and how to pick a cage, please read Parakeet Cages 101.

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