Parakeet Toy Reviews

Why parakeets need different toys than other parrots

All parrots enjoy four kinds of toys: toys that make noise, toys they can destroy, toys that they can preen and toys that promote foraging behaviors. What is different about parakeets is that they are one of the smallest parrots and have relatively weak beaks compared to other parrots.

Many toys labeled "for parakeets" are made of hardwood. Parakeets hate this because their beaks barely make a dent in it. The best parakeet toys are soft enough for them to shred. A good way to tell if a toy is suitable is to push your nail into the surface of the toy. If the wood is soft and indents, your parakeets will probably like it.

Parakeets also enjoy string or "string-like" toys such as mobiles made with shredded paper or grass strips, leather straps, and threads they can preen. Bells and other noisemakers are a favorite among our parakeets, whose favorite activity is throwing their food bowls all the way down the tall cage and banging their snack sticks against the metal bars.

Things like clinking zippers and two spoons tied together are often very coveted among these birds. Please be careful with your parakeet as they can sometimes get caught in strings or ropes and lose a limb. Make sure to replace all worn toys and cut any toys with multiple strings so that the all strings are 2" long. When strings are this short, they are much less likely to tangle and injure your bird.

The most important category of toys is foraging toys. While parakeets may not have hangingĀ  toys in the wild, they have always been able to exercise their mind by traveling and foraging. To make your parakeet's life interesting, change around the toys in their cage once a month and add foraging boxes. Fill the boxes with treats and cover with non-food items like paper balls or colorful plastic beads. Your bird then must pick through these items to get their reward!

Best Parakeet Toys

Parakeets love this crinkly toys and will shred the papers to pieces. Has a bell to satisfy their need for shiny surfaces and noise making. There are colorful beads and vine stars that stimulate their minds. Comes with a quicklink attachment to attach easily to your cage.

Bird kabobs are super popular with all hookbills and come in parakeet size to african grey size. Made with natural string and pithy wood that parakeets naturally love to chew. They won't be able to resist this one!

This bungee style rope toy is a favorite perch among our parakeets. They love the soft feel of it on their feet and spend hours chewing the colorful strings off the surface. Also helps your parakeet get around the cage if their wings are clipped. Remember that baby birds especially need a little extra help to get around the cage.

This soft wood mobile will be a hit with your parakeets. It is made with pithy, easily shredded wood in colorful shapes like sticks and beads. Also comes with plastic beads that they will love to clink all day. Has two quicklink attachments so you can extend it like a ladder.

Colorful beads and rungs in a fun ladder that helps exercise your birds. Safe and fun for all small birds. Comes with 4 quicklinks, you can attach this side to side for a walkway or vertical for a ladder that help your birds climb up large cages more easily.

This is the best playgym! Comes with lots of colorful toys attached already and mimics the kind of branching seen in trees. Parakeets love the climb up and and down the rungs of this ladder. You can hide treats in the ladder. It comes with sisal, loofah, rope and shredding paper for lots of varied fun. And the ladder is fully articulated so you can bend it into different shapes to fit anywhere.

A larger toy made for macaws and cockatoos that is fun for multiple parakeets. The various rope knots and colored wooden blocks give them a good variety of objects to pick from. Can also be used in a large cage or aviary to provide some cover for shy birds.

Parakeets do not like puzzle type foraging toys like larger parrots. Most of these toys are made too large for a parakeet to move the pieces. Help your parakeet stay emotionally healthy by providing this basket foraging box. Fill with chinese finger traps, paper, beads and treats.

Great foraging toy for inexperienced or small birds. Larger birds will have an easy time unscrewing this toy and spilling the treats, but for a parakeet it should work perfectly.