Parakeet Cuttlebone and Mineral Block Reviews

What is a Cuttlebone? And why do parakeets need mineral blocks?

Parakeets need cuttlebones and minerals to stay healthy as it provides them with nutrients they can't get elsewhere. Cuttlebones are the rigid, internal structure of cuttlefish, which is an invertebrate in the same family as squids and octopuses. Since cuttlefish have no bones to hold them up, they have this replacement frame made of lots of calcium. These "bones" are then consumed by parakeets when it's needed. Your parakeet will know when to use it as they run low on calcium.

Mineral blocks will provide extra nutrients that parakeets are not getting from their food. If your parakeet is picky, it may take you some time before you can get it to eat a complete diet. In the meantime, use a mineral block so they will stay healthy.

The Best Cuttlebones and Mineral Blocks for Parakeets

This is a good combination cuttlebone/mineral block in berry and banana that many birds enjoy. If your bird is picky with food and looks a bit under the weather (flaking feathers and beaks), supplement with this combo.

This value pack is a good option for those with many birds.

These large sized cuttlebones are plenty for two parakeets, the metal holders are somewhat flimsy. We recommend a cuttlebone holder.

This cuttlebone holder is good for holding loose cuttlebones with no attachments. We'd recommend that you get it because the metal and string attachments usually fall off.

Chili and lime flavored cuttlebones for those birds who prefer a more exotic flavor. Chili does not affect birds like it affects humans, they can't feel the heat and it tastes like a vegetable to them. Parrots absolutely go crazy for chili flavored things!

If your parakeet's beak is looking a bit flakey or dull. If it is transparent and you can see blood vessels through the beak, your parakeet need more minerals! Zoo Med makes quite a few flavors but this one is by far the budgie favorite.