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Lots of parakeet care websites will give you only general information about your new feathered friend, leaving you in the lurch about the specifics of care and taming. There are also a lot of disreputable and outdated sites what will give you terrible advice that could harm your bird permanently! Here at Parakeet Place, we aim to give you the latest and most relevant information with step by step instructions. So that you can have a happy and satifying relationship with your parakeets.

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Help!! I just got a parakeet and I have no idea what to do!

If you find yourself caring for a tiny friend and don't know where to start or are considering buying a parakeet...

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I’ve had my parakeet for a while but it is still scared of me!

Imagine if a 100,000 lb giant put you in a cage and you couldn't speak to it. What would you do?

Communicate with your Parakeet

I’m a pro trainer and I want my parakeet to do tricks!

My budgie loves me and will come out to play. Now to take our playtime to the next level!

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